Hello! 👋🏼

Ever since I started working in the design industry I have been interested in telling stories and ****working with cutting edge technology. As an Interaction- and UX Designer I am curious about combining different fields for holistic experiences.

🦄 🌱 circum

Justus, Jakob and I share the vision of combining sustainability and business for a better future.

To empower companies in their transition to sustainable business practices, we're on our way to found a software startup called "circum".

Our mission is clear: we want to provide easy access to data driven sustainability with ease of use.


🎓 Campus Münchberg / Hochschule Hof


After my bachelor degree I got the chance to teach motivated classes and give workshops on Digital Design at **Campus Münchberg.**



During my studies I focused on physical and explorative prototyping as well as data-driven infographics.

Data Garden


The project was a combination of Exhibition Design and Interaction Design. I developed a wooden display, unique interaction methods, and custom sensor housings for visualizing plant related data.


Wifi-Data Heatmap


The Installation was a part of the 25th Anniversary Exhibition of Hochschule Hof. It shows the people-flow through the building based on their devices logged in from one to another local wifi-hotspot.


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